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Uncompromising quality focussed on the solution, not the billable days.

What will this mean for you?

We escort you throughout every phase of your CRM initiative. From analysis and initial consultations, the selection of the software and its implementation, up to the unceasing development of your CRM solution.

A CRM Project is never truly finished as market settings and processes undergo constant change. As experts for customer relationship management we offer you a wide ranging and neutral CRM consultation, implementation and support.

We are there for you on every level

gorelate concentrates on middle and large sized companies in Central Europe, especially in the fields of B2B and Life-Sciences. We support such companies in the entire process of customer relationship management: business consulting, strategy development, implementation of IT-solutions (and their Software-as-a-Service products), management of data and raising their overall quality, as well as the entire Running and Outsourcing of the CRM application.

Three Reasons to choose gorelate:

  • gorelate offers innovative, comprehensive and sustainable industry specific CRM solutions..
  • We know the special requirements of individual industries that cater specifically to the needs of our customers.
  • Our Know-how comes from years of professional experience in the fields of consultation, guidance and implementation of CRM integration projects.

We have CRM in our blood, and it pumps through every vein of our projects.

Tina Zembacher, Operating manager, gorelate GmbH

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