CRM is in our DNA

When 300 years of CRM expertise are combined with passion and enthusiasm for the job, the result is a solution that truly deserves to be called CRM.

The gorelate team consists of dedicated and experienced certified experts who have only one goal: to make your CRM project sustainably successful.
Why? Because we are good at and love what we do.

Personable and hands on

We address issues whenever necessary. gorelate is primarily user- and solution-oriented; therefore, our work is only done when our users are completely satisfied with the solution. Our values define who we are and set us apart from the competition – reliability, high quality, efficiency and sustainability.

DI Arno Huber

Operating Manager

Mr CRM and “The Brain” at gorelate. He founded update Software AG in 1988, was on the board until 2014, and has a solution to every technical problem. His strength lies in his composure.

Tina Zembacher

Operating Manager

She sells CRM projects like hot cakes, which is not only down to her winning personality but also her 20 years of experience in the project business.

Georg Gradinger

Operating Manager

Service is his success. We would love to see more of him at the office, but he spends most of his time with customers, completely absorbed in their CRM projects.

Martin Anderl, MA

CRM Consultant

He is our jack-of-all-trades: Martin actually comes from the hotel industry, then studied e-business management & has now made CRM his passion. Wherever he goes, there is atmosphere – he plays the trumpet and flugelhorn in a music band.

Ina Baltes

Product Manager

The human interface between our customers, the consultants and our ‘department Q’. She is passionate about her job, patient and quality-conscious – traits we treasure. She is currently on maternity leave.

Theres Baumgartner

Theres Baumgartner, MA

Marketing Manager

The Germanist’s focus is on everything regarding marketing. But what she likes best is learning new things about the big CRM world and writing about it. In her private life she loves to read – everything between de Beauvoir and Harry Potter (except Kafka).

Mathias Brückner

Senior Consultant

He is our pioneer and bridge builder from Germany, a highly respected and experienced colleague and the first employee at our ‘German branch’.

Nora Fröhlich, MSc MA

Senior Consultant

“Fröhlich” is the German word for cheerful. And Nora lives up to her name, brimming with positive energy! Problems? No, only solutions! Her time management is perfect and allows her to reconcile professional aspects such as design thinking and digital transformation with her favourite sports. She is currently on maternity leave.

Hubert Gasser

Senior Software Engineer

There is hardly any CRM system requirement that our golden boy from Dornbirn has not yet been able to convert into code. And on the rare occasion that there is no requirement to be working on, he continues his search for the largest prime number in the universe …

Maximilian Hadek

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

His eminence lives by a motto that makes colleagues eager to please him and system administrators love him: “If you do your job properly, you have nothing to fear.”

Hermann Hofbauer

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

After more than 15 years of CRM project experience, one thing is certain: getting into projects is easier for Hermann than getting out of them. The customers just love him too much to let him go. CRM at its best!

DI Alexander Holzer

Senior Software Engineer

He is the ‘padMan’ – the mastermind behind the best mobile CRM app currently on the market. If you find this trailblazer glued to his PC and it seems like he’s ignoring you, don’t worry: the next product highlight is already in the making.

Jana Lukic

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Specialist

Jana is a bundle of energy with a focus on CRM sales and business consulting. She is fascinated by innovation, artificial intelligence and automated processes, all of which she not only finds extremely interesting but also highly relevant. Whether on the job or in her spare time, she always stays true to her motto #fullspeedahead. She is currently on maternity leave.

Nikolaus Matejka, MSc

Account Manager Dynamics 365

Niko originally comes from tourism, then studied communication & e-business and worked in marketing. After that, it was time for CRM. At gorelate, we love to unleash the pizza maker with the million-dollar smile on our customers.

Ferdinand Mayr

Technical Consultant

Loves mathematical optimisation models and rap battles. His favourite way to create sophisticated algorithms involves the sound of heavy hip hop beats in the background. When he is not busy with report engines, JavaScript and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can find him on the basketball court, where his height is definitely an advantage.

Thomas Mikscha

Senior Consultant

A specialist in … pretty much everything! Our tech polymath. ‘Nerd’, ‘styler’ and ‘best buddy’: he embodies of all these attributes like no other.

Simon Molden

Technical Consultant

Young and dynamic to Simon means to combine flips and twists in an always new way. But also to accept every challenge, to solve requirements and problems with cool apps. And that along with studies – chapeau!

Sonia Mozaffari, MSc

Technical Consultant

Sonia, that means being a Master of Software Engineering and Data Science ace in one! True to her name, she smiles at the sun and loves to dance to Shakira.

Lisa Niederkircher

Lisa Niederkircher

Project Management Office

Lisa likes nothing better than order & reliability, but internally she is known for body awareness & spirit – the best combination for project management. What we particularly like about her: She is up for any kind of fun and therefore fits perfectly into #teamgorelate.

Mag. Benedikt Osl

CRM Consultant

Bene is actually a qualified legal expert – but at some point that was too one-sided for him, which is why he preferred to become a Dynamics specialist. When he’s not implementing cool use cases with Power BI, he plays as an extra on the Bergdoktor (Tyrol!) or writes Wikipedia articles.

Thomas Peschat

Senior CRM Consultant

CRM with passion and plenty of power. This is Thomas who brings a lot of experience from his time as CRM lead of a bank to our team. He draws his energy from his family, from DIY, from gardening and travelling.

Jochen Peter Schäfer

System Architect

There is no such thing as a problem that he is not aware of and does not know how to solve. When things get tough, he can calm down customers and consultants alike. He is always there for you!

Manuel Schalleck, gorelate

Manuel Schalleck

Senior Consultant

Likes sun, hiking and freerunning. His primary job is as a gorelate gardener, but he also does product and project management on the side and is actually a consultant. Agile is his buzzword of the day – and our synonym for him!

Madeleine Schmied, MSc

Junior Consultant

Madeleine studied business informatics, but is actually passionate about crochet and Dynamics 365 – a pretty cool consultant combination, we think! On the side, she is studying hard for her degree in business education and is also involved in youth group childcare.

Sam Scott

Technical Consultant

She is the perfect combination of drive and tech background. Whether she is with customers or crawling through the mud, there is no obstacle in the world of CRM that can keep this amateur Spartan racer from crossing the finishing line.

Emma Stancescu

Emma Stancescu

Office Management

Your first point of contact and a friendly face at the gorelate office. With her pleasing personality paired with the greatest of ease and lots of experience, she turns organising the office and assisting the team into a daily delight.

DI Ulrich Zeh

Project Manager

Our (real-life) firefighter. He never plays with fire but keeps his cool even in the most hectic stages of a project. His project experience is priceless … and his customers know it!

Markus Zimmermann, MSc

Senior Consultant

Quality first! He never leaves before everything is working smoothly. And even then everyone wants him to stay. It must be down to the charming personality of our all-rounder and CRM.pad guru.

Luise Zwischenberger

Marie-Luise Zwischenberger

CRM Consultant

Our CRM expert, who brings a lot of experience from the customer side, drives projects forward with a logical and analytical approach. She is just as ambitious and a good and helpful buddy as she is in sports.