Data Protection Tools

Easy, fast and secure

With our Data Protection Tools you are able to secure not only your data but also your customers’ trust.

Everything you need to know regarding the GDPR and data, starting with documenting the purpose and type of personal information, dealing with requests for information, deletion and anonymisation of data – all of the above is included in our Data Protection Tools.

Three requirements – one product

Data model documentation

  • The data model documentation enables the complete mapping of personal data – and it is already integrated in Dynamics.
  • Based on this documentation you are shown details relevant for protecting data privacy, such as purposes and deletion periods.
  • Your benefit? Simple reporting to the data protection authority – and thus the foundation for
    GDPR compliance!

Report on personal data

  • The report is compiled automatically and clearly at the click of a button, meaning it can be sent immediately to the person making the request.
  • Your benefit? Dispense with laborious manual research and exporting while at the same time strengthening your customers’ trust!
  • Plus: the tool facilitates reliable compliance with statutory periods, meaning enormous time and cost savings.

Deletion and anonymisation 

  • No more manual deletion of personal data and their links. Instead: automated deletion of the defined data.
  • Data can be anonymised to retain crucial information for evaluations and reports.
  • Legal compliance without interference: analyses, reports and key figures are not affected despite deletion and anonymisation!

Data over data?

What`s most important when it comes to the  GDPR? Ina has the answer!

Product sheet

The key points and how to use the Data Protection Tool can be found in our product sheet (in German).

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Ina Baltes

Product Management