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gorelate wants to design you a successful CRM strategy. We offer comprehensive support throughout every stage; from development of your CRM Strategy, the optimisation and redesign of a coordinated process aimed at marketing, sales and service, to requirement analysis. We then ensure through specific support packages continuous care during operation. We create and sustain the right structural conditions for the introduction and development of CRM systems.

The path to a better CRM project


  • Process analysis with recommendations for optimisation and adaption in the technical system
  • Technical analysis with recommendations for optimisation, supplementation and modification of the existing system
  • Identification of options for future system versions based on the existing technological base
  • Consultations on the selection of appropriate tools to help you build upon your existing system
  • Consultations on the selection of new systems

Your path to a successful CRM strategy

The benefits in focus

Mit unseren umfangreichen Beratungsdienstleistungen begleiten wir Sie punktuell oder ganzheitlich, bis Sie mit der Implementierung des Projekts starten können. Wir unterscheiden dabei folgende Phasen:

In order to identify the target and scope of your project we gather all relevant key data for your CRM initiative from interviews, which are collected, consolidated and presented. The result is a mission statement, as well as extensive documentation on the objectives and scale of your project. Every detail of which is coordinated with all departments and business areas.

Every stone will be turned, every question will be asked.



Now we get serious and concentrate fully on the procedural and technical requirements. No data source will be overlooked and no interface will be forgotten. This is achieved through structured and clearly defined specifications, which are essential for the implementation of your project and quote solicitation.

Your IT and EDP Departments will love it.

Now with the optimal base we can proceed to find the appropriate manufacturer and implementation partners. Using the efficiency of a strength and weaknesses profile, we will rapidly help you identify the most beneficial partners for your project. No longer will you have to rely on gut feelings or prescribed recommendations to decide.

The optimal package for CRM Managers.

The actual cost depends on the size of the project and the scope of your CRM initiative. To best estimate the requirements, let’s speak about it. We are happy to call you back, or wait for your call at +43 1 3000 944-20


Better CRM-Support

Individual an flexible Support-Packages for your CRM-project safeguard your company over the long term. Check out which package fits your needs.


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