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Put your trust in our expert hands

Our decades of knowledge about processes and industries give us the ability to design CRM Systems that succeed on a usable and long-term basis.

Successfully implemented CRM

gorelate specialises in the professional implementation of best-in-class CRM solutions. Through cooperation with a plethora of partners and perfectly trained experts for each product, we accompany you through every stage of your successful and sustainable CRM

As a solution oriented CRM company we support you in accomplishing your CRM initiative quickly and risk free. On a foundation of thorough industry specific solutions the CRM system will be implemented and modified to your particular requirements. Predefined processes help make the first steps easier and rapidly begin to show results. The integration of the CRM system in your existing system landscape is part of the implementation. 

CRM from tomorrow, not yesterday


gorelate not only tailors to you personally, but also to your work environment. We offer you high performance and measurable solutions:

  • HTML5, CSS3 und jQuery ensure the flexibility, sustainability and safety of your CRM-Systems
  • Available in all common web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome make available to you yet more flexibility for accessing your CRM-Information

Further, we offer:

  • System implementation including multi-device support and interoperability with neighbouring systems.
  • Integration in the customer’s specific system landscape
  • Optimisation, supplementation and expansion from technical and functional procedures.
  • Migration within the update World
  • Migration to other CRM systems

What happens before implementation?


Now it’s getting interesting; you are preparing the live connection of your CRM system.  

All individual modifications will be integrated in the product system, meanwhile the loading of data and the installing of automated hubs occurs. Parallel to that, your internal project communication and the proper training of the users further add to the success of your CRM implementation. 

Continuing Development

Just like your company, your CRM system must continuously evolve to meet the demands and challenges of a fluctuating market. Do you face, for example, different conditions of sale in different markets or need to reduce or substitute obsolete channels? Your CRM will always adapt and modify to your particular and changing situations. Further individualisations of your CRM systems will be cyclical – that way there is a step-by-step modification of the CRM system to your needs.

Our customer support is in communication with you all the time, actively giving you efficient and effective ideas about how to further develop and improve your system, constantly increasing the value of your customer relations.

We stand as a competent partner by your side in order for your CRM system to grow together with your requirements.

What does CRM Implementation cost?

The actual costs depend on the size and scale of your CRM initiative. It would be best for us to talk, so why don’t you just give us a call? Alternatively, we are also happy to call you back.
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In reality, it is less about the technology and more about the “chemistry” – the trust in those people who are operating. The employees from gorelate and their relationships with our customers are an invaluable foundation on which we can build.

Georg Gradinger, Operating Manager, gorelate GmbH