CRM Migration
without any headaches

Reduce your cost, efforts and risk

Real data migration instead of simple field mapping
for a secure CRM future

Successfully migrating CRM

The shift to a new CRM system is certainly not child's play. Organically grown systems live of the depicted processes and the acceptance of their users. With more than 200 years of CRM project experience, we have developed a solution which will reduce your internal efforts to a minimum and guarantee sustainable acceptance within your company. Sounds impossible?

Secure your proof of concept

No risk – more fun

  • Internal efforts for data research are eliminated.
  • Minimal need for coordinating to define the data to be transferred

  • Cost reduction - by minimizing your resource efforts

  • Complete database available at an early stage in order to fully comprehend the new system

  • Data structures are transferred > evaluations, queries, processes depend on it

  • Risk minimization - data migration is an often underestimated cost driver

  • Security of the future with the most modern CRM systems from the largest providers worldwide

How successful migration works

Lean back and relax

gomigrate lives of the combination of decades of CRM system experience and a deeper technical appreciation of grown data structures. The result is a sophisticated, technical and consultative process, which will reduce your internal efforts to a minimum:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the processes incl. identifying optimization potential
  • Definition of user groups and roles
  • Analysis of area of application
  • Interface analysis
  • Definition of pain points and highlights
  • General data analysis
  • Analysis of data sources and definition of leading systems
  • Analysis of dependencies
  • Identification of deletion potential

Migration of all data identified as relevant

  • in corresponding structure
  • Mapping to target system
  • Expansion of target system to individual requirements in accordance with data characteristics and structure

Detailed process analysis based on the results of the survey workshop and the core of the target team

  • Gap analysis customer requests vs. target standard system
  • Transparent process through workshop directly on target system with complete customer data (structures) ("WYSIWYG")
  • Key user training
  • Creation of user documentation and training materials
  • Application tested by key users
  • Immediate removal of errors and processing of user feedback
  • Acceptance by key users, subsequent system freeze
  • Final data migration (only delta migration, if required) from legacy system
  • Activation of running interfaces
  • Roll-out of system

  • User trainings and final roll-out

Secure your proof of concept now at a fixed price

Our proof of concept is not only fast but will also contribute today to your CRM system of tomorrow. The main ranges areas (company, persons, activities) are transferred to the target system and a "standard" process (e.g. service) is migrated and made available in the target system. In case of special requirements of the proof of concept, extra charges due to additional efforts may apply.

The advantages are obvious

Try out your new CRM system under real conditions:

  • Representative data set including structures can be adopted for the proof of concept (real conditions instead of demo data)
  • The system can be tried extensively and under practical conditions
  • Reliable assessments of efforts, cost and required lead time are possible
  • Deeper insight into target system - e.g. small test group in actual implementation
  • Will contribute to a possible migration project (steps will be saved later on)

Cost: € 5.000,–*

*  Standard / core processes, additional processes at request

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