Customer Insights

Discovering the people behind the data.

From data graveyard to overall concept.

We live in a world full of data. We collect it in different places, analyse it, try to achieve better results and offer customers personalised experiences. But as is often the case, you can’t see the wood for the trees. This is where Customer Insights comes in.

Insights On Air

Three episodes, three people,

three points of view.

And one Podcast.

Thomas Peschat, gorelate, im Gespräch beim Customer Insights Podcast "Insights On Air"

Episode #1: With Thomas Peschat, gorelate.

Anne Marchal, Post, im Customer Insights Podcast im Gespräch

Episode #2: With Anne Marchal, Österreichische Post.

Episode #3: With Martina Saller, Microsoft.

From individual data to a 360° profile.

What happens to the data and what that looks like.

  • Customer Insights at a glance

    Customer Insights Überblick
  • Dashboard at Log-In, individual overviews

  • Overview of all clients with specific view and filter options

  • Detailed views of clients - the 360° profile

  • Create segments easily

  • Unifying the data: Map

  • Unifying the data: Match & Merge

  • Enrichment: Enrich data after unification

  • Let AI make predictions

  • Easy export to other systems

  • Possibility to build a Customer Card Add-in into the CRM

    Enables activities, fields from the customer profile or measures to be displayed directly – i.e. data that is otherwise not available in CRM.

Every exchange with gorelate and especially with Thomas Peschat is characterised by commitment, passion and appreciation: we benefit from very competent analyses and recommendations that always address our specifics.

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