Data Protection Tools

Make your CRM fir for the GDPR

 Act now to avoid major inconveniences and stiff fines later.

Let CRM allay your fears

Data Protection Tools allow you to

  • document the type and intended use of personal data
  • grant requests for information from data subjects
  • erase or anonymise data

using a single solution for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is!

So machen Sie Ihre CRM-Lösung DSGVO-konform.

How to make your CRM solution comply with the GDPR

Data model documentation

  • Fully structured mapping of types of personal data directly integrated into Dynamics.
  • Information relevant to data protection, such as intended use and deadlines for the erasure of data, based on this mapping.

Advantages: Easy reporting to the data protection authority and a basis for all other processes – the crux of GDPR compliance!

Requests for information

  • Compile a structured report automatically with just one simple click.
  • You can immediately send the report to the person requesting it.
  • No time-consuming manual research and data exports necessary.

Advantages: Greater customer trust, meeting the statutory deadlines saves time and money, and detailed documentation of the request for information.

Erasure and anonymisation of data

  • No manual erasure of personal data and various links.
  • Optional, automated erasure of data.
  • Anonymise data to retain important information, e.g. for analyses.

AdvantagesConformity with the law without disrupting your business evaluations. Analyses, reports and KPIs are not affected by the erasure and anonymisation of data.

Data Protection Tools Live-Demo

Live-Demo gorelate Data Protection Tools

Jetzt die Live-Demo der Data Protection Tools ansehen.

Our Data Protection Tools are compatible with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solution and are the ideal tools for documenting the structure of personal data, preparing requested reports at the touch of a button and erasing or anonymising data automatically.

Georg Gradinger, Geschäftsführer gorelate GmbH

Our carefree packages

The GDPR-compliant solution for your business


Start UP

1 to 10 Users

up to 5 Entities

€ 80,00 / Month

Setup & Consulting*:

€ 1.250,00



11 to 50 Users

up to 10 Entities

€ 190,00 / Month

Setup & Consulting*:

€ 2.500,00



51 to 150 User

Unlimited Entities

€ 390,00 / Month

Setup & Consulting*:

€ 3.750,00



Unlimited User

Unlimited Entities

€ 650,00 / Month

Setup & Consulting*:

€ 3.750,00

Users: Total amount of active CRM-Users. Entities: Amount of as GDPR-relevant defined Data Model Entities

* Setup-Workshop for Data Protection Tools: What should be documented, which information is eligible for data subject requests as well as support with configuration of the Tools.

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