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Einfach, schnell und sicher

Dynamics 365 offers a multitude of possibilities. But processes and requirements are as individual as the industries and companies themselves – which is precisely why add-ons are needed. We have pooled our experience, the feedback from countless projects and our technical expertise to create add-on solutions that can be used individually and flexibly.

Data Protection Tools

Flexible Grid

Inventory Management




Data Protection Tools

GDPR-compliant with one product

With the Data Protection Tools add-on you can:

  • Document the type and intended use of personal data
  • Grant requests for information from data subjects
  • Erase or anonymise data

Three requirements, one tool: the Data Protection Tool from gorelate enables you to do everything with data that the GDPR requires you to be able to do.

Simple, fast and secure.

Flexible Grid

The flexible supertool that makes (almost) everything possible

Examples of Flexible Grid UseCases

  • In sales: fast entry of orders and offers, sales opportunity and lead management
  • In service: enquiries and field service
  • In HR: time tracking and accounting

Individual, flexible and structured – that’s how CRM works today! The gorelate Flexible Grid for Dynamics 365 offers truly undreamt-of possibilities. Because with the Flexible Grid just about anything is possible – in the most diverse areas. Let yourself be inspired by our previous projects!

Serialised inventory management

Keeping track of things

With our serialised Inventory Management add-on, you can:

  • Simply enter and serialise products – and then track them throughout their lifecycle
  • Benefit from the increased level of detail in warehouse management
  • Identify faulty batches and coordinate targeted recalls

Every product and individual component comes with a cost. In customer service, it is important to keep an eye on these individual components. It’s not just about efficiency or the profit margin: we help customers from a wide range of sectors – e.g. healthcare, industry and technology – to comply with legal requirements (MPG, Product Liability Act) and document them appropriately to ensure transparency and traceability.


Artificial intelligence for intelligent shelf detection

This is what the Store Checker add-on offers

    • Intelligent shelf detection – can be applied within Dynamics processes or detached as a Power App
    • Recognition of products or brands with AI
    • Real-time status documentation via photos – can be uploaded on-site
    • Time saving through digital process optimisation

Store Checker simplifies and structures POS monitoring, i.e. the checking of listings and facings at the point of sale. Your staff can record out-of-stock items in just two clicks. In addition to clear and efficient documentation, the information can also be used for comprehensive Power BI reports and on-the-spot sales analyses. In addition to saving an enormous amount of time, this also saves costs by eliminating processing steps.

Time Tracking

Record working hours efficiently

With the Time Tracking add-on, you can:

  • Record working hours in compliance with the ECJ, taking into account the permissible working hours, breaks and overtime
  • Produce monthly statements and reports
  • Simply book times to cost centres or projects

In gorelate's Time Tracking tool, authorisations, target working times and corresponding holiday calendars can be stored in specific working time profiles for e.g. different teams or different countries, whose different regulations are automatically taken into account. While the working time is being entered, the data and authorisations are automatically checked, eraducating the need for subsequent corrections. At the end of the month, the month can be closed and a monthly report printed. 


Connect Dynamics 365 and Outlook

With the Scheduling add-on, you can: 

  • Simple appointment scheduling integrated in Dynamics
  • Create appointments via drag and drop
  • Avoid duplicate booking and maintain overview through Outlook integration

With gorelate’s Scheduling add-on, planning processes are designed efficiently and clearly. Appointments are booked via drag and drop in Dynamics 365 without having to consult the Outlook calendar in parallel: its appointments are already integrated.

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