Getting your CRM
off the ground

Our decades of industry- and process-specific knowledge make your CRM system a guaranteed success. You will love working with it.

Successfully introducing your CRM

Dynamics 365 with gorelate

gorelate specialises in the professional introduction of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). With strategic partnerships and perfectly qualified and certified experts, we are at your side through all stages of your sustainably successful customer relationship management.

As a solution-focused CRM company, we support you in implementing your CRM initiative quickly, cost-effectively and without risk. Your CRM system is implemented using the most state-of-the art solutions available and customised to your individual needs.


Focus on your work flows

Predefined processes make it easier for you to take the first steps and achieve results quickly. The integration of the CRM system with your existing system landscape is already taken into account at the planning stage and becomes part of the implementation process.

When introducing CRM systems, we pay special attention to user experience: only users who enjoy working with a system will actually use it and actively support the philosophy of improving customer relations. This goal is achieved not only by customising your CRM to the specific needs of your industry and company, but primarily by means of our add-on products which we are continually improving.

CRM successfully introduced

We bank on Dynamics 365

CRM is not a passing fad. Rather, it is about establishing and continually improving genuine customer relationships for the long term. The software used should be scalable, state-of-the-art, designed to work on multiple devices and, first and foremost, future-proof. For all these reasons, it was only logical that we would specialise in Dynamics 365.Our Microsoft-certified specialists provide support at every stage of the project and know all the typical pitfalls. This saves you from making costly mistakes and allows you to devote all your attention to your users. After all, the only good CRM is the one you live and breathe.

We make it work for you

  • System implementation including multi-device support and interoperability with "neighboring" systems
  • Integration into your specific system landscape
  • Optimization, supplementation and expansion of the system from a functional and technical point of view
  • Migrations (both to new releases and new systems)
  • Smart add-on solutions

CRM customization by gorelate

Breaking down barriers for your CRM

Once all customisations have been applied in the productive system, the data are uploaded and the automated interfaces set up. At the same time, we assist you with internal project communication and user training.

Don't stand still in an evolving environment!

Your CRM system, just like your business, must adapt constantly to new requirements. Have the sales conditions in your target markets changed or do you want to replace obsolete channels with new ones? We regularly modify your CRM system to these new challenges. Ongoing customisation of your CRM system is done in cycles to ensure its gradual adaptation to changed or new needs.

Our consultants are in regular contact with you and offer suggestions for expanding your system, efficiently and effectively adding to the value of your customer relationships.

We are your competent partner for ongoing system enhancements to allow your CRM system to grow in line with your needs. Moreover, our add-on products are available to add new functions to your basic system and ideally support your users in improving their user experience.

CRM is in our DNA

Our services and solutions at a glance.


Empathy and passion for your industry and processes make a crucial difference when it comes to the success of your CRM project.


Our decades of industry- and process-specific knowledge make your CRM system a guaranteed success.


Individual and flexible support packages for our customers are part of our commitment to positive long-term customer relationships.


Switch to a safe CRM future and let us assist you with a tried-and-tested, software-based process.